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Bill Boggs Keynote Lecture Promo Video Now Available. Click on the link below.


Contact us today for more information on how to book Bill to speak or moderate at your next event!


What four-time Emmy Award-winning TV host/interviewer, dynamic speaker, and entertainment industry insider has been a major figure in the business, personal growth, food, travel, sports, news, and celebrity reporting arenas for more than 25 years? Bill Boggs. As host of the New York based Midday Live with Bill Boggs, NBC's Weekend Today In New York, and the long-running Food Network hit, Bill Boggs Corner Table (together with a dozen other television programs), Bill has interviewed the notable achievers of our time-- cultural icons, titans of industry, presidents, international leaders, writers, athletes, and more than a few movie stars!

Boggs put his interviewing expertise to work in the creation of his widely-praised 2007 HarperCollins book, GOT WHAT IT TAKES? Successful People Reveal How They Made it to the Top. The book, hailed as "a lessons-in-life career guide from stars at the top of their games," includes words of wisdom and guidance and practical strategies from an A-List crowd including Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Zucker, Donald Trump, Diane von Furstenberg, Matt Lauer, Renee Zellweger, Craig Newmark of Craigslist, Tom Perkins, Joe Torre, Maria Bartiromo and thirty-five more.

The inspirational message of the book, combined with Boggs' own fascinating story, is the basis for his rousing GOT WHAT IT TAKES? appearances. These talks are primers on how anyone can approach their career, the professional challenges they face, the adversity in their path and PREVAIL.

As a speaker, Bill has shared the stage with Quincy Jones, Mikki Williams, Cal Ripkin, Shirley Maclaine, Bill Cosby, Gene Simmons, Maya Angelo, Senator George McGovern, Mary Tyler Moore, and many others. Bill is a popular and frequently requested speaker for Vistage International, the world's largest CEO membership organization.

For six years, Bill Boggs performed his hilarious and inspirational off Broadway play, "Bill Boggs' TALK SHOW CONFIDENTIAL," at the landmark Triad Theater in New York City.

Boggs is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and he also holds a M.A. from Penn's Annenberg School for Communication. Prior to entering show business, Bill was a public school teacher and later a Dean at Penn.

When Bill Boggs takes his "Got What it Takes?" message to college audiences and business people he offers entertaining insights into how climbing the ladder of success really works.

Boggs lives in Manhattan and has a son, Trevor. In 2000, he was selected as ''FATHER OF THE YEAR'' by the National Father's Day Committee. Bill is on the Board of Governors of the Friars Club of New York, and a member of the New York Athletic Club and the Yale Club.


Scott Bloom has Conquered Social Media!


No, but seriously, he has harnessed it, molded it and crafted it into a tool for meeting engagement.


The deal is that every company is using social media to expand their brand. The challenge is that it’s also a major distraction, especially at meetings. A recent study finds that 89% of audiences will text, tweet, and play Angry Birds during presentations.


The solution is to embrace it. Make social media an integral part of the meeting by playing, poking, and engaging the audience with it. Facebook is the perfect way in.


As the Social Media guy, Scott warms up and humanizes the executives and the audience by “friending” them. Using customized graphics and funny "inside" information, Scott comments on mock-ups of their Facebook homepages discovering status updates, friends, likes, dislikes, favorite fan pages and obsessions. From there, he can go anywhere: games, text-to-screen dialogue, competitions, and all kinds of serious and lighthearted ways to reinforce the content.


So write back! Or Like or Tweet or iChat us back with a cute emoticon and let’s brainstorm ways to inject your next event with social media humor and fun.

Why not change things up for your next meeting or event by bringing in a professional who will make you look like a genius for making the suggestion: what kind of professional? A professinal emcee...

You could spend up to six figures on a meeting opener that flashes on screen and is over (and barely noticed) before everyone has even settled in their chairs. For a fraction of that cost, one of our hosts can bring a full toolbox of creative elements to life in your meeting. Bring their talents and experience to your next production, and you get creative attention-getters, transitions, audience-interactive games and more. They have the unique ability to loosen up an audience with inside humor and smart, clever insights that put everyone in a receptive mood for the information that is to come.

In sessions that are often filled with a lot of data and talking points, the host can add emphasis to key messages and corporate-appropriate levity that will keep the energy flowing in the room.

Their presence as "traffic control" smooths out transitions, introductions and housekeeping remarks. Taking this freight off of your executives and internal facilitators gives your people more time to focus on what matters most: Their messages.

They are often asked to lead interviews with executives on stage -- casual conversations which are actually speeches in disguise. The dialogue can be as scripted or loose as you want it to be, and the result is that the audience becomes more engaged than they do when they are being "spoken to". In addition, a host/emcee can serve as the "voice of the audience," asking questions and seeking clarification of questions that are on the attendees' minds. It is both disarming and energizing to have your audience's thoughts verbalized on stage and hearing your executives respond to those issues directly.

In short, a professional host/emcee brings decades of hosting experience across a wide range of industries. They provide value far beyond their cost. Please contact us to learn more about how our roster of clients can make your next event entertaining and informative.