hat’s the best way to get the most out of your sales force?  Some might recommend costly motivational speakers, while others would suggest elaborate wilderness retreats. But for a growing number of large, successful companies, the best way to fire up a workforce can be summed up in three words: corporate game shows.  Specifically, corporate game shows created and produced by KnowledgeQuest, a recognized leader in this rapidly growing field.KnowledgeQuest’s corporate game shows are right at home at any company event where the aim is to motivate employees to work together and realize their full value to a company or organization.  Crafted to look and feel like actual television game shows, KnowledgeQuest competitions organize participants into several teams which are then pitted against one another on stage.  Contestants, equipped with television-style “lockout” buzzers, answer questions about a product being launched or other areas of knowledge essential for a sales or marketing professional.  


KnowledgeQuest founder Scott Bloom, former host of VH1, created his first corporate game show in 1990.  Since then, he’s worked hard at refining the formula that has proven so popular and effective with his clients: real competition coupled with instruction and seasoned with hands-on fun.  Today, KnowledgeQuest continues to grow because its approach is unique and successful. Unlike other motivational or team-building concepts, KnowledgeQuest game shows use humor, pulse-pounding excitement, and the thrill of victory to mobilize the competitive spirit within each employee.  In short, everyone gets involved in trying to win. At KnowledgeQuest game shows, people are often jumping up and cheering on the contestants or bonding with teammates to vanquish the competition.


Over the past 12 years, Scott Bloom and the KnowledgeQuest staff have custom-designed corporate game shows for a score of Fortune 500 companies including Merck, PepsiCo, AT&T, CIGNA, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Joseph Baker, Vice President of Sales for BellSouth, calls Bloom’s work “Fantastic! Funny! Quick! Smart! Creative! Witty! Professional!” KnowledgeQuest corporate game show packages typically start at $10,000 -- a fraction of what it might cost to hire a management “guru” or motivational speaker for a corporate event.  The learning, excitement, motivation, and sheer fun of these shows make their already modest price structure seem all the more reasonable.  “I’ve hired marketing ‘experts’ and consultants for my events in the past,” says Janet Heffron, Marketing and Communications, Digital Equipment Corp.(DEC), “ but KnowledgeQuest events are always more effective --- and tons more fun.”