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Tim Wilkins, The Fitness Comedian is an internationally recognized stand-up comic, fitness speaker and writer, and an award-winning healthy TV chef. As a comedian he has appeared on Nickelodeon, HBO, Sirius/XM Radio and in concert with some of the biggest names in music and comedy. As the one and only “Fitness Comedian” Tim is a frequent speaker for conventions, corporations and colleges. He has written for top magazines such as Muscle and Fitness and Natural Muscle, and hosted premier bodybuilding and fitness events seen on networks ESPN2, FoxSports, and TLC.

With the release of his new book, “Laugh Your Abs Off!” Tim has crafted a unique corporate presentation that both entertains and energizes your event in a healthy way.

We've all been there...its hour 3 of the morning session…and your meeting attendees have seen PowerPoint after PowerPoint. Heads are nodding...legs are twitching...and they still have a day or two of presentations ahead filled with vital information. You want to keep their attention but how do you re-energize them mentally and physically?

Simple. You introduce them to America’s Fitness Comedian Tim Wilkins! First, Tim takes the stage to lead attendees through a hilarious “corporate” workout, skillfully blending exercise and humor. Once he has them alert and feeling great he follows that up with an entertaining wellness talk that provides valuable diet and exercise information.

This corporate Wake-up Workout features actual fitness moves that can be done at the meeting but can also be taken back to any office setting for continued well-being. Tim’s Laugh Your Abs Off!® wellness talk is filled with informative tips that will help even the busiest executive lead a healthier lifestyle. From nutrition "on-the-go" to creating a diet that works with your busy schedule this presentation is an entertaining way to learn how to live better.




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