Comedy Roasts

For decades, comedy roasts have brought doses of lighthearted fun to corporate and private events across America. Beginning with the Dean Martin Roasts of the 70's to today’s Comedy Central Roasts featuring the Roast Master himself, Jeff Ross, comedy roasts have provided some good natured entertainment for retiring CEO’s to anyone celebrating a birthday or personal/professional milestone. More importantly it’s one of the few entertainment options that can work virtually. Unlike bands or stand up comedy that typically need a live audience to perform effectively, comedy roasts offer customized content specifically for the roastee and allows people to laugh along. A virtual roast, with a willing honoree and the right emcee, brings everyone together for a night of good-hearted jabs and laughs. And, of course, being the subject of a roast is one of the greatest honors anyone can receive.

Some things to keep in mind when planning a comedy roast. Make sure you’re picking an professional MC. They keep things moving along and provide continuity from beginning to end. Of course, come prepared with great material. Our writers are the best at turning the honorees idiosyncrasies into laugh out load material that can either be performed by a panel of our comedians or a company employee or family relative/friend (if they are brave enough).

Finally at the end, we can give the honoree the floor, because nothing is more satisfying than the opportunity to strike back. It’s always in good fun and tailored to your audience and comedic sensitivities.

With over 30 years in the entertainment industry we have access to any comedian you are interested in. From high end celebrity comedians like Jay Leno to local and national headline comedians we will work with your budget to provide a truly memorable night.

Contact us today to book a Comedy Roast for your next event.