Gabe Abelson - Comedy Workshop

Communicate Through Comedy with 5-time Emmy nominated comedian
Gabe Abelson

A stand-up comedy workshop designed specifically for corporate clients, Communicate Through Comedy is a fun, creative way to help your employees boost their confidence, increase their productivity, improve their communication skills, enhance their creativity, lower their stress level, and cultivate a positive environment.
Gabe’s signature approach to comedy has been taught to and used by some of the world’s leading comedians and talk show hosts.
Whenever someone in the corporate world has to speak publicly, whether it’s a small meeting or in front of 1,000 colleagues, they are expected to communicate important information effectively.  The best way to make sure you hold their attention, is by being concise, clever, confident, and but more importantly entertaining, humorous and compelling.  Everyone is watching: your customers, your team, your company.
After taking Gabe’s seminar, you will have all the tools to make people laugh whenever you want.   


Study after study shows the many benefits of using humor in business: 

  1. Creates instant rapport.

  2. Lightens the mood and reduces stress.

  3. Increases customer interaction.

  4. Fosters a greater sense of belonging.

  5. Enhances communication skills.

  6. Better perceived leadership performance.

  7. Overall workplace cohesion.

  8. Increases engagement.

  9. Builds confidence.

  10. Supports a positive corporate culture. 


The workshop will be presented in a dynamic, interactive, and fun-filled format, incorporating a blend of discussion, real-world examples, and easy-to-implement techniques. 



  • The principles, fundamentals, techniques, and comedy formulas which Gabe has broken down over decades into a complete and comprehensive system.

  • How to speak publicly in the most engaging, entertaining, humorous, and persuasive manner, always in command, delivering your presentations with confidence, ease and humor.

  • Discovering your own, unique, comedic point of view.

  • “Pulling the rug out from under the audience’s mind”— how to generate surprise, the KEY ingredient in humor.Surprise equals laughs.

Everyone has got something to sell, and the fact is, comedy sells it best. Equip yourself with the tools to being funny on demand, and your business will flourish.Psychologists say it’s impossible to not like someone with whom we’re sharing a laugh. Get them laughing, and you will win the crowd every time. Or gain a client. Or close the deal.Laughter equals success. When you can find humor in any situation, it makes you unforgettable.


When you make people laugh, you make people feel better. And when you make people feel better, they want to do business with you. It’s as simple as that.



Gabe Abelson is a 5-time, Emmy-nominated comedy writer and stand-up comedian whose numerous credits include “Late Show with David Letterman”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn” and “George Lopez Tonight.” He has also served as head writer on several award shows and has written jokes for two sitting Presidents.

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