Rob Schiffmann

Rob Schiffmann, a 3-time MAC award winner (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs), is a professional corporate host/comedian/keynote speaker with 20 years of experience on the corporate stage. Rob has hosted meetings, both nationally and internationally, for many corporations, including Big Lots, IBM, Lenovo, Crayola, Merck,
Folgers, Microsoft, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Bank of America, Ortho Women’s Health, BMW, DuPont, Genentech, Pepsi, Dannon and many more. Rob’s background in music and improvisation allows him to bring a level of interactivity to your meeting that will keep your audience consistently engaged through the
use of content-driven material that Rob can either write ahead of time or make up on the spot. Rob will bring his quick wit and charm to your meeting to help you and your audience have an experience that will not soon be forgotten.
Rob will make your meeting MORE fun and MORE effective.

Rob directs and performs with Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, an improvisational musical-comedy show, which tours nationally to 30-40 cities a year. For many years, Rob was a cast member/director / teacher / music director for Chicago City Limits, New York City’s longest-running comedy show. Rob has improvised on television on The
CBS Early Show, MTV, and The Daily Download on Fuze. Rob is the winner of the 2011 INNY (Improvisation News New York) Award for Best Improv Coach and has performed and taught improvisation all over the world as a comedian / improviser, most recently in London, Mexico, Portugal, and Guatemala. His talents range from expert interviews to interactive game shows to hilarious impromptu songs about audience members, most often accompanying himself on either guitar or piano or with customized backing tracks that Rob has created himself.

Rob’s improvisational background is the inspiration for and basis of his keynote “_The Power to Pivot: Mistakes are Gifts!”_, a talk on the power of presence and the ability to allow the unexpected to become the unforgettable.

Rob may be opening your meeting, providing fun interactive segues, delivering an impactful keynote speech, creating songs and games for interstitial moments, introducing your speakers, hosting your live broadcast, or interviewing your executives. Whatever Rob is doing, you can be sure he is delivering your themes and messages, making your people and your company shine and helping your meeting to be one to be well remembered for years to come.