Scott Bloom-Corporate Event Emcee

Principally known for delivering business humor, his success has been built on the power of laughter and the language of business.  And more importantly, it’s been driven by making it his business to know yours. He does deep dives into your people, products, buzzwords as well as acronyms and comes up with custom content that provides fresh, funny perspectives on topics like teamwork, leadership, customer engagement and more.


He’s also a master at manifesting insightful, interactive, laughter-packed experiences that keep audiences riveted and focused on your message.


As a master of awards ceremonies, Scott’s the quintessential, silver-tongued host who can lift the significance of the honor and broaden a winner’s smile. He’s a master at the mic with all the right stuff—moments of improv brilliance, creativity and charm.   He can make winners feel extraordinarily special.  And, equally important, he can make long, oft-time tedious ceremonies into uplifting experiences of celebration and fun that spill out and over the winners.  And the audience responds accordingly.