Congrats on surviving this one Wali – I heard it was a tough gig. I really appreciate – no, our whole team appreciates your getting through this one. Bottom line, our Eisai clients were really happy with the evening – they loved you…and they loved us. I know I speak for all of us that the next one will be easier. We promise. Thanks for being your usual great self.
Mark Felix
Director/Drury Entertainment Group
Drury Design Dynamics, Inc.
Posted By: Mark Felix
Talent Buyer, New York City
Wali was outstanding!! He was the perfect personality for this crazy group!!
You are the best!!
Thank you,
Posted By: Mac McNally
Corporate Event Producer, New York City
Ryan, it was SO great having you at the event; you did an amazing job. I hope you stuck around for a while and had a good time!

Hope to work with you again very soon!

Posted By: Ashley Bogard
Meeting Planner, Seattle, WA
Scott Bloom was beyond amazing. Very easy to work with and quick to reply to messages and emails. During the event, he was personable and professional on and off stage. He had the crowd in stitches and was also quick on his feet with hilarious impromptu's. I keep getting great feedback and in fact, I just received a letter in the mail today from our
organization's president asking me to hire him back next year. I can't wait.
Posted By: Cassie Mcivor
Corporate Event Planner, Duluth Mn

I just wanted to thank you again for a job well done at the William Raveis Real Estate 2104 - 40th Anniversary Event. Your "professional introduction stylings" really made the show!

Seriously, you were exactly what was needed for clients who appreciated a comedian of your caliber stitching the show together seamlessly for the presenters - and engaging an audience of 1600 attendees.

If you need another glowing client reference - to add to what I presume is already a mountain of kudos that you already possess – we would be happy to do so.

I look forward to working with you again soon.

Enjoy Besitos on Saturday!

Posted By: Terrance Walsh
Director Client Development, Scott Bloom
The main topic or idea was to convey characteristics of successful people that he had learned from many years of one on one interviews with many successful people in many different careers. The supporting stories and videos were very impactful to make his points. He held the audiences attention well with heartfelt explanations and his use of humor was timely. The closing was certainly passionate, but I was hoping for him to conclude with several specific points that he felt were consistent in making people successful. I left thinking that different characteristics worked for different people to create success. In fact that may be the point even though it wasn't specifically stated. Overall the presentation was creative, passionate and worth the time.
Posted By: Charles Keeley
Gasket Fabricators Association, Bill Boggs
Laurie Dhue was an excellent speaker for our annual women’s luncheon to benefit Cumberland Heights. The attendees were predominately women, of all ages, some in recovery and some not, but most had been touched by addiction. Laurie’s presentation was dynamic, engaging, and a huge success with all present. One woman said, “She makes so many of us think.” People definitely found her relatable. The personal examples from her life were both inspiring and poignant. Another said, “No one left early, and no one checked their cell phone.” Laurie’s news anchor background was seen in her on-point presentation that captivated everyone for close to an hour. The luncheon committee was delighted to have chosen her as our speaker this year, and we wonder how we will equal her in 2014!
Posted By: Martha Farabee
Cumberland Heights / Chief Development Officer, Laurie Dhue
I just finished producing a big corporate sales event in which Helen hosted one of the team building events for a particular session. We needed someone who was not only funny, but also could manage the group and keep them moving along on task and schedule. She didn't have that much time with the client beforehand, but nonetheless seamlessly fit in and managed to charm all. The clients loved her and she was a pleasure to work with. My only regret was that there wasn't more for me to get her involved in. I'm already plotting out how to use her next year.
Posted By: Meryl Moskowitz
Helen Kearny
Wali was fantastic!!!!! I think the crowd truly enjoyed him and I've heard nothing but compliments. Thank you again, for making the connection and securing Wali for us!

Sandra Winstanley
Event Manager | Winstanley Meetings & Events
Director, Programs & Education | ISES Metro NY Chapter
Posted By: Sandra Winstanley
Winstanley Meetings & Events, Wali Collins
Helen Keaney did a great job , she performed in two capacities , she featured for us and also Headlined for us , she was liked by customers and staff, funny, original material.
Posted By: The Punchline Comedy Club
General Manager, Helen Keaney

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