Scott, It was a pleasure to meet you. I consider it to be my good fortune that our Tomorrow Show idea melded so nicely into what you have already pioneered as a corporate host. By all accounts the format was a success. We’ve fielded several comments indicating a high degree of satisfaction with both the executive interviews and your role as our host for the award banquet. I’m very glad you were able to keep our program on “hold” for a whole year. It was a real comfort while planning the agenda that I had a solid professional guiding the two cornerstone events. Here’s to working together again!
Posted By: Michael Rapp
Senior Manager Marketing Operations, Scott Bloom
Chris, Just wanted to tell you again what a wonderful, wonderful evening you gave everyone on Saturday night. I've done the event for 8 or 9 years and I have always watched the guests race out of the room the moment the entertainment is over. The atmosphere was so different this year. Your sophisticated, erudite performance left the audience on a real high -- they didn't want the evening to end. The Columbus Bar Association is a great audience, but very discriminating and not always the easiest to please. You captured the evening. I just can't thank you enough.
Posted By: Neal Cavanaugh
Speaker Links, Chris Bliss
Scott, I want to thank you for joining us in Dallas for the Cardio Sales Champions ceremony. Your role as MC made all the difference in delivering a memorable experience for our attendees. You had the whole room smiling and laughing -- which was our goal. We appreciate the customization & energy you bring to Sanofi programs -- always earning the audience's respect with your knowledge of the organization. The reaction could not have been better!
Posted By: Kimberly O'Connor
Sanofi, Scott Bloom

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